About Poco Nido

We'd better introduce ourselves:

We are an award winning British baby and children’s footwear brand. We produce barefoot friendly shoes that are simple and functional, nestling inside packaging that does more than one job.

Poco Nido was founded in August 2011, in Sheffield by Catherine Lobley, footwear designer and mother of two. Our journey began when, tired of the identikit leather pull ons available, Catherine decided to go in search of an alternative. When this alternative was nowhere to be found, Catherine decided to produce it herself.

The Mini Shoe was born....Followed years later by the Mighty Shoe.

We don't buy into convention or commercial, we like quirky and different. We don't follow the trends, what you see comes straight out of our heads. Our products are the result of years of overseas travel, countless children's bedtime stories, a love of pattern, symmetry, a hatred of over packaging, a passion for up-cycling, a little girls over pronation problem and frustration with fastenings.

We believe in paying our factories a fair price for our products.

Over the years Poco Nido has grown substantially and now has over 80 fantastic stockists and 6 distributors worldwide - Singapore, Malaysia, Taiwan, Chile, Hong Kong and Israel. We were nominated for the German design award 2019, won a bronze and silver at the junior awards two years in a row and scooped the best in class at the Smallish awards two years running.

Together, Catherine and the team will continue the fight against ordinary to bring you simple and practical shapes, made in (predominantly) natural materials which are loaded with fun.

Dress Happily Ever After.